In 1878, when two Scottish merchants were granted apetition to open a post office in their small unincorporated Florida community, they were also given the privilege of officially naming the area. They called it Dunedin, the Gaelic word for Edinburgh, their Scottish home. Now, celebrating the 100th anniversary of its incorporation in 1999, Dunedin has experienced more than a century of progress, struggle, and success. From the early conflicts among residents about hogs roaming the streets and the resulting, though ineffective, "hog law," to the development of romantic "Honeymoon Island," now preserved as a state park, Dunedin's history is full of interesting stories, people, and images. The beautiful oak-lined streets, the yachting clubs and competitions, and the developmentof the citrus and fishing industries in Dunedin are all an integral part of the area's rich heritage.

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