Wellness Ink

Andrews Memorial Chapel

1899 San Mateo Dr, Dunedin, FL 34698

October 5, 2019,  11:00 am

Free Admission

Across the millennia, tattoos have represented tribal affiliation, marked specific feats, announced social status and flaunted convention.  Today, tattoo art is used as a source of empowerment for survivors of breast cancer and other injuries to reclaim their body after the trauma of sugery.  Tattoos are also used to identify certain health conditions when the person is impaired to ensure proper treatment.

Lita Edwards, of Metamorphosis Ink Studio in Dunedin, talks about celebrating survival and recovery with beautiful tattoo art where the scars used to be.  With more than ten years of experience, Lita has created "some of the finest, craziest, edgiest tattoos from traditional to extraordinary mastectomy and scar cover ups."